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Dietitian Nancy Hobeika


Nancy Hobeika is a Licensed Nutritionist and Clinical Dietitian and a women entrepreneur who maintains a private practice in Beirut, Lebanon and Riyadh, Saudi Arabia and Owner / C.E.O. of Centimeal Organic Diet & Nutrition Center. She holds a Master’s Degree in Biology and Physiology from the Lebanese University and two Bachelor of Science Degrees, the first one in Biology and Physiology from the Lebanese University and the second one in Nutrition and Dietetics from the American University of Beirut.

Mrs. Hobeika specializes in weight management, medical nutrition therapy, prevention and treatment of chronic diseases, such as heart disease and diabetes, vegetarianism, food allergies, pregnancy, childhood obesity, menu planning, restaurant eating and healthy cooking.

In 2008, she wrote and published her first Diet Cookbook entitled “Mawsouaat Al Tabekh El Sohi” which was a success and sold more than 4000 copies. Currently, she’s preparing for the second edited edition.

In 2009, she founded “Centimeal Organic Diet and Nutrition Center”, the first Organic Diet Center in Lebanon and the Middle East, where healthy and low fat meals are provided to people who want to lose, gain or maintain their weight based on their nutritional and health assessment. Mrs.Hobeika is one of the pioneers in raising the awareness about Organic Products and their benefits to the nature and to human health. She introduced Organic Products to the Diet Center Business in Lebanon.

Today, Centimeal Organic Diet Center is ranked among the 3 leading Diet Centers in Lebanon and the Region with more then 15,000 success stories, and an operation including a 400m2 kitchen and 2 clinics in Lebanon, and 1000m2 kitchen and 2 clinics in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Its success qualified its expansion to Riyadh, where another branch is already launched in 2014 and more expansions to other Gulf Regions are yet to come as many franchising opportunities are being studied at the current time.

Her dedication and expertise exceeded the Lebanese borders, she has also been appointed as a Senior Consultant for different Diet Centers in the Gulf Region.

She is hosted by different TV Channels on regular basis and counseled and catered for a Reality TV Program. She also presents her own weekly program “Sohi Maa Nancy” on “Lebanon Radio Station”.

She collaborates with many publications and writes her own articles in the monthly “Mom’s & To Be” & Fitness News magazines. She’s also a professional lecturer on various nutritional issues in conferences and universities.

Her entrepreneurship skills enabled her in 2012 to win The Women Entrepreneur People’s Choice Award directed by BLC Bank letting her stand within the leader women entrepreneurs in Lebanon.

She is also very active in the community work where she helps empowering and supporting Lebanese women in Business. To help in this cause, Centimeal has been catering since 2012 for free to 40 children at “Dar Al Hadana” NGO supported Day Care enabling their mothers who can’t afford the Day Care fees, to work and therefore grow their knowledge, skills and experience along with the additional impact that this would have on their personal lives and the benefits on the surrounding community.