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Drop the load and put on your slimline...

diet plan

Make your health a priority

It's not only about losing weight, it's about keeping it off!

Tired of yo-yo dieting or unrealistic diets?

Centimeal Diet Center offers many effective diet programs to help you reach your weight loss goals. We will also provide you with expert support to help assure weight loss that lasts a lifetime.

years of weight loss experience

thousand clients and counting

Our range of diet programs is designed to meet your needs, goals and lifestyle at every stage of your life. Whether it's weight loss, gain, management, detox, or therapeutic we have you covered!
*Our plans are based on a 30 days cycle

Detox plan

Short-term plan to restore the body’s Natural Abilities to Heal Itself and will clean your body from the built-up toxins, chemicals and heavy metals while boosting your energy levels and improving digestion.

Fat Burning Plan

Boosting your metabolism, increasing your muscles and toning your body.

Lunch box

Composed of a salad, main course and a snack, it's the perfect combination for eating healthy at work while losing weight.

Metaboost plan

For rapid weight loss with a challenging set deadline.

Pregnancy plan

To help you have a healthy pregnancy weight that is essential for your growing baby and help you lose the increased weight after delivery.

The Children & Teen program

Designed to suit children development needs. This diet can be started at 5 years old.

The Healthy & Medical program

To treat your specific medical condition such as Heart disease (high cholesterol, triglycerides, Hypertension) Diabetes, Uric Acid, Kidney Disease, Menopause, Food Allergies, etc.

The Weight Loss program

The Revolutionary lifestyle plan to a Skinnier You.

Weight Gain plan

Personalized diet program for underweight people who needs to gain some muscles while getting to a healthier weight.