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Drop the load and put on your slimline...

Frequently Asked Questions

Losing weight fast might affect your health negatively leading to many anemias and dangerous diseases. Add to it that the lost weight can be regained much faster. 

Having a day off might have very bad consequences as the amount of calories consumed might affect the weight loss negatively especially if the amount of food ingested was exaggerated. We understand that everyone might have occasions (weddings, dinners,..etc.) that he has to attend. MODERATION is the key along with choosing the lighter options from the food offered like grilled meat, chicken or fish with a salad keeping in mind that the salad sauce might contain a lot of fat (oil) therefore we recommend using lemon juice or balsamic vinegar as a dressing. 

We also provide maintenance programs that you must follow at the end of your weight loss program to keep your results on the long term. The maintenance program is to be followed for 2-4 weeks where our team will also educate you about how to start preparing your own food at home. 

Fasting is not the solution for a better weight result. You can still eat a small snack 2 hours before attending your visit is it the first time or a follow-up. It is better not to drink more then 1 cup of water within 30 min of your weight check-up. 
Meanwhile please note that you should not come if:
1. dehydrated (consumed a lot of caffeine or simply didn't drink enough water for the last 24hrs),
2. constipated,
3. you have your period, 
4. directly after the gym especially if you sweat a lot