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How it begun

Headquartered in Beirut, Lebanon, Centimeal Diet & Nutrition Center is founded by the Entrepreneur and Dietitian Nancy Hobeika. After more than 5 years of experience in the nutrition and dietetic field,and her many success stories whether in editing her own Diet Cookbook, or launching her own diet clinics, or participating in many TV & Radio Programs, she had the idea of catering healthy food to her clients helping them to lose, gain or maintain their weight in an easier and more efficient technique. 


First Organic Diet & Nutrition Center in Lebanon

The idea of promoting a healthy lifestyle free of chemicals was the main purpose of founding Centimeal especially that it was the first of its kind. The accreditation was from Italy, with 50-60% Organic products used because of the unavailability of 100% Organic products in the Lebanese market.
Centimeal Goal is to strengthen its clients health, enabling them to reach desirable targets while empowering the sense of achievement for a brighter and healthier future. Its technique is to serve healthy fresh food, going from the fresh low fat and cholesterol and sugar free products to the healthy cooking method in a way to preserve all the nutrients.


Staracademy 6

After its launching and huge success, Centimeal was chosen to cater for Staracademy 6 for a 6 months period.  


We Initiative-People's Choice Award

In 2012, Centimeal Diet & Nutrition Center, represented by its owner Nancy Hobeika, won the "People's Choice Award" granted by BLC Bank. 


Opening of Centimeal KSA

Recent market research placed Centimeal among the 5 leading Diet centers present in Lebanon which  qualified its expansion to Riyadh in Saudi Arabia, where the subsidiary opened in October 2014. 
After only 16 months, Centimeal is now one of the leading Diet Centers in Riyadh, saudi Arabia. 


Centimeal Current Operation

Centimeal operates in Lebanon with a 400m2 central kitchen located in Ashrafieh, Beirut and 2 clinics located in Sodeco Square and on Kaslik Highway; and in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia with a 750 m2 central kitchen located in Riyadh, and a clinic located on King Abdelaziz Road, Al Ghadeer Distrct.

Centimeal catered for more then 10000 customers in the past years.